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Aloha Also Means Goodbye: Hawaii Extends Stay-at-Home Order | Frommer's Thomas / Flickr

Aloha Also Means Goodbye: Hawaii Extends Stay-at-Home Order

Several U.S. states, including Florida and Georgia, have begun lifting lockdown restrictions in spite of the global pandemic. 

Not Hawaii, though.

On Saturday, Gov. David Ige extended that state's stay-at-home order through May 31.

The same goes for the mandatory two-week quarantine every visitor to Hawaii must undergo after arrival. 

“This was not an easy decision," Ige said in a statement. "I know this has been difficult for everyone. Businesses need to reopen. People want to end this self-isolation and we want to return to normal. But this virus is potentially deadly . . . We are flattening the curve, saving lives, and avoiding a resurgence of this virus by not reopening prematurely.”

The lockdown means that residents aren't allowed to leave their homes except for essential needs such as health care or food.

The islands' beaches are open for exercise as long as social distancing practices are followed.

At a news conference announcing the extended restrictions, Ige cited Covid-19 clusters on the Big Island and Maui as reasons for remaining vigilant.

As of this writing, Hawaii has confirmed at least 600 cases of the virus and 14 deaths.