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Harry Truman’s Key West Home Now Offering Spins in His Presidential Limo | Frommer's Florida Keys News Bureau

Harry Truman’s Key West Home Now Offering Spins in His Presidential Limo

Harry S Truman paid 11 visits to Key West, Florida, during the years of his presidency, 1945–53. He'd spend his leisure hours fishing and, like many a Key West tourist since, looking awkward in tropical-print casual wear.

(Pres. Harry Truman, center, with his official party during a 1951 visit to Key West / National Archives and Records Administration)

The place where Truman stayed, which became known as the Little White House, is now a museum in the city's historic Old Town. 

In the building's preserved interior, you can see vintage photos and original furnishings such as the 33rd president's desk and poker table.

And for the full presidential treatment, visitors can now ride in one of Truman's authentic limousines.

The 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan was one of nine limos stationed throughout the U.S. for use during the president's travels. The vehicle has an intercom system, a hydraulic privacy shield, and only about 32,000 miles on the odometer despite its age. 

(Image: Florida Keys News Bureau)

The museum's chauffeured tours will add to the car's mileage as part of a new VIP experience with the hefty price tag of $500, plus tax, for groups of up to six people. With a full car, that comes out to $83 per person. 

In addition to cruising around Old Town in the height of Cold War–era comfort, the 2.5-hour tour includes a historian-led, behind-the-scenes look at the Little White House, with the chance to peer into rooms not usually open to the public and even to handle artifacts such as Truman's "prized whiskey jigger." You'll get complimentary refreshments and a "keepsake souvenir" to take home, too. 

If the VIP joyride costs more than you're willing to spend, you can always opt for the Frommer's-recommended standard tour of the property. Advance tickets purchased online are $20.27 for adults, $9.68 for kids ages 4–12.

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