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Hotel Room Too Hot or Cold? Try This Thermostat Hack | Frommer's Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock

Hotel Room Too Hot or Cold? Try This Thermostat Hack

There might not be much you can do about ice-cold airplane cabins, but one travel hack we learned this week could help make things more pleasant in another site of perennial temperature complaints: hotel rooms.

Some guests find them too stuffy, others find them frigid, and in-room thermostats have been designed to limit adjustments to a narrow range. 

A solution comes courtesy of The Points Guy's executive editor—and longtime friend of Frommer's—Scott Mayerowitz. 

In a video posted to the travel site's YouTube channel, Mayerowitz demonstrates how to override the preset temperature limits on one of the most prevalent kinds of wall-mounted thermostats used in hotel rooms: the Honeywell Inncom model pictured at the top of this post. 

According to Mayerowitz, all you have to do to take control of the unit is press the buttons labeled "Display" and "Off" at the same time, and then hold down the temperature control button with the arrow pointing up. 

When the letters "LEn" (for Limited Energy) appear on the display screen, you're in, as computer hackers say in movies. Now you can raise or lower the temperature settings at will using the buttons with the arrows pointing up and down. 

It works like a charm for Mayerowitz, who appears in what looks like a generic hotel room in the clip. 

An accompanying article on The Points Guy website drops a few caveats.

For one thing, thermostat hackers could be contravening efforts to conserve energy—and conserving energy is becoming increasingly necessary in our era of climate change and dwindling resources. Keep that in mind before you futz with the AC or heating. Consider calling the front desk, putting on a sweater, or throwing off your blanket first. 

The Points Guy also warns that the hack may not work on the thermostat in your room. Newer models "have more control over thermostat settings thanks to built-in countermeasures put in place by engineers to get around this hack," according to the article. 

However, the original, cheaper Honeywell version remains common in hotels and motels, particularly chains such as Holiday Inn. 

Once you've got the temp where you want it, follow our hacks for making the room darker and you just might get a good night's sleep for a change.