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Now You Can Dine on a Sandbar in the Florida Keys During Sunset | Frommer's Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

Now You Can Dine on a Sandbar in the Florida Keys During Sunset

For anybody in search of a dining venue with guaranteed social distancing, a sandbar in the Gulf of Mexico seems like a safe bet. 

A luxury resort in the Florida Keys has set up a romantic table for two in that very setting. 

The new "Dinner on the Sandbar" experience at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa on secluded Little Torch Key—located about 30 miles east of Key West on the Overseas Highway—features a five-course gourmet meal served to parties of two stationed on a sandbar with wraparound sunset views and shallow ocean water gently lapping at diners' toes. 

You don't have to swim to your table, though the 6:30pm give-or-take reservation time is "dependent on the tides," according to promotional materials. 

(Photo courtesy of Little Palm Island Resort & Spa)

The resort's executive chef, Daniel Ganem, created the multicourse menu. It includes, according to the Miami Herald, such delicacies as caviar, foie gras, duck, and truffles. 

If you think that sounds expensive, you're right: The dinner will set you back $1,000 for two people—and that's not counting tax, a 20% service charge, or drinks. 

Reservations must be made in advance; visit the resort's website for more information.  

And while you're splurging anyway, you might consider an overnight stay in one of the posh, tropical bungalows on Little Palm Island, which occupies 4 acres on a sleepy isle where former president Harry Truman used to go on fishing vacations.