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Singapore Airlines Bringing Back the World's Longest Flight | Frommer's xcode

Singapore Airlines Bringing Back the World's Longest Flight

Singapore Airlines has announced plans to resume nonstop service between the Asian city-state's Changi Airport (pictured above) and Newark Liberty International Airport just outside New York City—a flight that will cover more than 10,000 miles and last just under 19 hours, making it the world's longest.

The carrier previously offered this route up until 2013, when it was decided that planes would link New York and Singapore by way of Frankfurt, Germany.

But on October 11, direct flights from Singapore to New York will return, with daily service commencing October 18. 

Seats will only be available in business class and premium economy. So when they go on sale tomorrow, don't expect them to be cheap. 

Once the flights relaunch, Singapore Airlines will, as the Independent points out, overtake the current record holder for world's longest flight, Qatar Airlines, whose Doha-to-Auckland route covers a mere 9,000 miles. 

The airline has another long-haul journey in the works for Singapore to Los Angeles. 

And just think: If you undertake the trip from Singapore's resort-like airport to Newark's dump-like facility, you'll get the chance to see the world's best airport and one of the worst all in a single trip.