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World’s Longest Treetop Walkway Shows Off Uplifting Views of Swiss Alps | Frommer's © Flims Laax Falera / Philipp Ruggli

World’s Longest Treetop Walkway Shows Off Uplifting Views of Swiss Alps

Traipsing through Alpine scenery has been a national pastime in Switzerland for ages. But a new walkway in the eastern Grisons region (or Graubünden in German) gives amblers a unique perspective on the landscape—from up to 28m (92 ft.) high in the treetops. 

Opened in July at the Flims Laax Falera resort, which is primarily known as a hub for winter sports, the Senda dil Dragun ("way of the dragon") elevated walkway winds through the forest canopy between the villages of Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf, a distance of 1.5km (about a mile). 

(© Flims Laax Falera/Philipp Ruggli)

The operators of the walkway claim it is the longest treetop hiking route in the world. 

Along the way, there are lookout platforms where visitors can rest on benches, read interpretive panels about the forest's flora and fauna, and take in far-reaching views of the surrounding mountains. 

(© Flims Laax Falera/Philipp Ruggli)

At the Murschetg end, kids can return to ground level via a spiral slide. (The walkway's two access towers may be scaled using stairs or elevators.)

(© Flims Laax Falera/Philipp Ruggli)

Starting in the autumn, guests will be able to borrow an electronic tablet from the information office to take along the path for an interactive digital experience relating to the region's animal and plant life, geology, agriculture, and human settlement. 

The sky walk isn't a summer-only attraction, either—the plan is to keep it open year-round. Wintry aerial views of the snow-covered scenery should be wondrous.

(© Flims Laax Falera/Philipp Ruggli)

Tickets for the Senda Dil Dragun treetop walk start at CHF16 ($17.56) for adults, 8CHF ($9) for kids ages 17 and younger. Visit for more information. 

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