By Taxi

Taxis are more plentiful than tacos in Acapulco -- and practically as inexpensive, if you're traveling in the downtown area. Just remember that you should always establish the price with the driver before starting out. Hotel taxis may charge three times the rate of a taxi hailed on the street, and nighttime taxi rides cost extra, too. Taxis are also more expensive if you're staying in the Diamante section or south. The minimum fare is 25 pesos per ride for a roving taxi in town; the fare from Puerto Marqués to the Hotel Zone is 100 pesos, or 150 pesos into downtown. Sitio taxis are nicer cars, but more expensive, with a minimum fare of 450 pesos. Acapulco taxis are easily recognizable by their flashy, blue neon lights.

By Bus

Even though the city has a confusing street layout, using city buses is amazingly easy and inexpensive. Two kinds of buses run along the Costera: pastel color-coded buses and regular "school buses." The difference is the price: New air-conditioned tourist buses (Aca Tur Bus) are 10 pesos; old buses are 5 pesos. Covered bus stops line the Costera, with handy maps on the walls showing routes to major sights and hotels.

The best place near the zócalo to catch a bus is next to Sanborn's, 2 blocks east. Buses marked CALETA DIRECTO or BASE-CALETA will take you to the Hornos, Caleta, and Caletilla beaches along the Costera. Some buses return along the same route; others go around the peninsula and return to the Costera. Go for the Directo buses for the fastest service; the others roam through back streets.

For expeditions to more distant destinations, there are buses to Puerto Marqués to the east (marked PUERTO MARQUES-BASE) and Pie de la Cuesta to the west (marked ZOCALO-PIE DE LA CUESTA). Be sure to verify the time and place of the last bus back if you hop on one of these.

By Car

Rental cars are available at the airport and at hotel desks along the Costera. Unless you plan on exploring outlying areas, trust us, you're better off taking taxis or using the easy and inexpensive public buses.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.