97km (60 miles) S of London

Nestled on the Cuckmere River, Alfriston is one of the most beautiful villages of England. It lies northeast of Seaford on the English Channel, near the resort of Eastbourne and the modern port of Newhaven. During the day, Alfriston is overrun by coach tours (it's that lovely and that popular). The High Street, with its old market cross, looks just like what you would always imagine a traditional English village to be. Some of the old houses still have hidden chambers where smugglers stored their loot (alas, the loot is gone). There are also several old inns.

About a dozen miles away along the A27 toward Brighton is the rather somber market town of Lewes. (Thomas Paine lived at Bull House on High St. in what is now a restaurant.) Because the home of the Glyndebourne Opera is only 8km (5 miles) to the east, it's hard to find a place to stay, even in Lewes, during the renowned annual opera festival.