127km (79 miles) E of Ålesund; 1,058km (656 miles) W of Oslo

Although situated in one of the most scenic regions in Norway, Åndalsnes itself is rather banal. That's because the invading Nazis in 1940 practically bombed it out of existence. The king and his family used Åndalsnes as their exit route in their dramatic escape from Norway, following the German invasion of their borders. The royals made it, but Åndalsnes was left to pay the price.

The industrial alpine town today is modern and all too ready to forget the period when it was used as a military base for the Nazis. Åndalsnes lies in one of the most beautiful parts of scenic Norway, with scenic grandeur in almost every direction.

This alpine village is the starting point for the grandest drive in Norway, the Trollstigvegen . It is also the last stop on the rail line from Oslo and, as such, is the gateway to the fjord country. Hiking through the Romsdalen Alps with natural beauty like thundering waterfalls and boating the scenic Romsdalsfjord are also good reasons to use Åndalsnes as your base.