Some say Malliouhana brought the world to Anguilla when it first opened in 1984, with a jet-set clientele and an upscale European sensibility. The hotel's classic French restaurant was a critical incubator for many an island chef. The rooms were enormous by any standards, averaging 800 square feet (the suites twice that size). And its coveted location on a rocky bluff overlooking a glittering sweep of Meads Bay? Pure magic. So when the hotel died a slow death in the aughts, the whole island was in some way affected. The sunblasted limestone villas stood abandoned for nearly two years. Then came Auberge Resorts and a cash infusion of $80 million, and in 2014 Malliouhana (the island's AmeriIndian name) emerged resurrected, with a colorful new palette (green, blue, daffodil) and island prints that gave the big rooms a fresh, personable appeal. The terrace restaurant is cranking out French-accented dishes with a healthy bent, accompanied by sweeping ocean views. The powdery white-sand beaches are luminous; this is still a dream location. Oh, and rumor has it the hotel is up for sale again. Stay tuned.