Barbuda, Antigua’s little sister island, has some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches—pearly pink-sand wonders. They remain that way because Barbuda is not the easiest place to get to, except from Antigua, from which it’s accessible via helicopter, prop plane/boat, or express ferry (traveling twice daily). This, one of Barbuda’s handful of resorts, fronts one of the island’s best beaches, on the western coast. It has only nine suites, each with high ceilings, wood floors, mahogany trimmings, and big beds with good mattresses. Master suites come with both living and dining rooms. But the real luxury here is that pearlescent beach and the island’s remote seclusion. It’s an unplugged kind of place, except, alas, it isn’t: Every suite has all the digital and electronic pablum you desire, including, if you neglected to bring yours, laptops and iPads for use while you’re here. We say unplug anyway, swim in that gorgeous, clear water, and get to know the rock pools, bird sanctuaries, and caves of little Barbuda (pop: 1,200).