Despite a female president, Argentina remains at heart a sexist country. There is a glass ceiling for women in many corporations, and female beauty is highly idealized above all other traits. Men are extremely flirtatious, and leering looks are common, owing perhaps to the strong Italian influence in the country. While disconcerting, any looks and calls you might get are rarely more than that. Drunk men in clubs can sometimes be physically harassing, however. If you seek to avoid unwanted attention, don't dress skimpily (as many Porteñas, or Buenos Aires natives, do). Women should be cautious when walking alone at night and should take radio-taxis, known as remises, after dark.

In the rare and unlikely event of an assault or sexual attack, contact the police immediately. More help can also be received from the Centro de Encuentros Cultura y Mujer (CECYM), Guatemala 4294 (tel. 11/4865-9102; It combats sexual violence against women, but not all of the staff members speak English.

Check out the award-winning website Journeywoman (, a "real-life" women's travel information network where you can sign up for a free e-mail newsletter and get advice on everything from etiquette and dress to safety; or the travel guide Safety and Security for Women Who Travel, by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer (Travelers' Tales, Inc.), offering common-sense tips on safe travel.

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