Bart and Therese Blommaert have hosted over 63,000 guests in the past 20 years and we're guessing that most felt extremely fortunate to have picked this friendly, savvily designed little B&B. Unlike others of its ilk, guests have few noise problems as the house is set well off the street and no two bedrooms share a well. Guests also won't have problems with parking (it's provided on-site for free), with getting in from the airport (the hosts meet guests at the terminal and take them home free of charge), or with getting around sans car, as the property is within walking distance of all Auckland's major sights. There also isn't the eye rolling that goes on at some B&B's when the menu for breakfast is announced because here guests get to choose what they'd like to eat. The property has a refreshing pool out back, comfy and meticulously clean rooms and true pros in its owners, who know pretty much all there is to know about Auckland and delight in sharing advice with their guests. Could this B&B be any better? We don't think so!