Canadian polar bear orphan cubs Hudson and Nelson -- along with their bigger friend Lia -- are the star attractions at this marine park. Sea World may not be as sophisticated as similar parks in the United States, but it has its own charm, plus all the things you'd expect to see -- performing dolphins and sea lions, ski shows, an aquarium, shark feeding, and an array of rides. The newest attraction is a state of the art home for King, Gentoo and Fairy Penguins. At Shark Bay, you can see some of the larger and more dangerous species, such as tiger sharks. If you are 14 or over, you can also swim with the dolphins for A$275 per person, dive with the sharks (if you are a certified diver) for A$90, or snorkel with seals for A$149, including a souvenir photo. A monorail gets you around the park, and there's a free water-slide playground. Watersports are available for an extra fee.