Located on the north side of Bamberg's great cathedral, this once-glorified palace is still an impressive half-timbered pile in the Gothic style, with Renaissance styling and a spacious courtyard for periodic special events. Ask at the tourist office for more information. Inside, former times are reflected in the remains of the original 11th-century Diet (assembly) hall, and notable lovely rooms, such as the frescoed Kaisersaal, the main banqueting hall, or the Chinesisches Kabinet known for its walls of marquetry. Don't miss the rose garden.

The building itself is more intriguing than its on-site Historisches Museum (Historical Museum), filled with artifacts, documents, and maps of the history of Bamberg. To fully appreciate this museum, you must be fluent in German, be writing a book on the history of Bamberg, and/or view the city as the place of origin of your ancestors.