The earliest residence designed by Gaudí, an 1883 summer home for Barcelona stockbroker Manel Vicens and his family, became available for sale to the highest bidder a few years ago. Luckily it was purchased by a bank, which implemented an exquisite renovation of the building and its interiors and then opened it to the public in 2017 as a museum. The exterior’s mishmash of textures and colors, completed by another architect in a 1920s expansion of the house, strikes the approaching visitor as, well, gaudy. But beautiful interior finishes and handcrafted details will delight, and you can gain insight here into the early work of the great Catalan architect. Go up to the photogenic rooftop for a selfie and you will see evidence of the young Gaudí experimenting with elements that distinguish his later work, like his whimsically colorful chimneys. Signboards in almost every room are a wealth of information, but it’s worth the extra 3€ to pay for an in-depth hour-long guided tour. A small café in the garden offers tasty dishes and drinks from the high-end Hofmann restaurant and bakery, known locally for its desserts.