This contemporary aquarium dedicated to Mediterranean species and habitats does its best to make you feel like you’re underwater interacting with the fish. The centerpiece of the facility is the giant ocean tank that wraps around an 80m (262-ft.) corridor with a moving walkway on one side. On the other is a strip where you can step off the path to take photos or simply marvel at the flow of creatures swimming by. Another 21 smaller tanks, which ring the ocean tank, focus on different habitats within the Mediterranean. Each is populated with characteristic fish and flora. Some resemble home aquariums full of brightly colored fish, while others are deepwater habitats where bottom-dwelling eels and anglerfish lie in wait for their prey. The dead-eyed sharks are an enduring attraction, and SCUBA-certified visitors with their own gear can arrange to swim with the sharks in the giant tank for a 300€ fee.