Les Rambles meets the waterfront at this monument to Christopher Columbus that was erected for the Universal Exposition of 1888. Bas-reliefs on the plinth recount the feats of the great navigator, and various symbolic sculptures in florid Victorian style surround the base. At the top of a 50m (174-ft.) Corinthian column stands a bronze sculpture of Columbus pointing to the New World, although the precision of his compass might be questioned. Inside the iron column, a small elevator ascends to the lookout from the “crown” just below Columbus’s feet (warning: It sways on windy days). It provides a unique panoramic view of Barcelona and the harbor and a chance to play “name that spire,” as every church in the city pokes up just above its surrounding buildings. A surprising element of the gift shop on the below-grade level is a good stock of hard-to-find local wines, with wine tastings available.