Fans of graphic novels and Gothic gargoyles should not miss this extraordinary building. In 1900, Josep Puig i Cadalfach was commissioned by the Baron of Quadras to refurbish this residential block. Over the next 3 years, he completely transformed the structure. The facade is carved in an intricate style that nods to the Plateresque tradition of Castilla, while employing imagery and iconography of French and German medieval stone carving. The long, ornate balcony is covered with busts of eminent medieval and Renaissance figures, floral motifs, and heraldic shields. The carved cornices on columns at the entrance show an archer on one side of the main door firing an arrow at a dragon on the other side. The gargoyles, especially at the lower levels, have unusually expressive faces. The interior has been closed since 2013, but it’s worth a detour to see the exterior.