By creating stylish budget lodging, the Chic & Basic chain has helped make cheap hotels fun. The proprietors know their clientele, and found a spot in the heart of the youthful bar scene for this Barcelona edition. There is a bit of dorm-room chic about it, with doorless closets, and a color scheme that is literally colorless. (It's like they painted the rooms by closing all the doors and windows and exploding a white paint bomb.) The result is either futuristic or hospital-like, depending on your sensibility. Echoing another “daring” design cliché, shower stalls are fully transparent. The hotel protests its design cred a little too much, and the superior attitude of the reception staff is childish and annoying. But much can be forgiven at prices like this, since most rooms are on the low end of the range, especially if booked directly on the Chic & Basic website.