This ultramodern seafood restaurant at the Port Olímpic really is about the sparkling water of the harbor, and it's named accordingly. It's also about sitting out on the terrace with wraparound sunglasses and an Audrey Hepburn scarf (for the women) and looking like you're Someone going incognito. Even the menu has a bit of the Hollywood-goes-to-Cinque-Terre feel, with starters like cantaloupe soup, tomato salad with onions and capers, or fried egg and calamari with potatoes. The house specialties, though, are rice dishes cooked in paella pans over open charcoal fires. (To Agua's credit, not one of them is called a “paella.”) Meat and fish simply grilled over charcoal are also popular, and you will see a number of the headscarf set just eating salad and drinking cosmopolitans from the bar. Check for risotto specials featuring fresh shellfish. Agua also makes a good hamburger, with or without cheese.