The name of the restaurant is Catalan for “Five Senses,” and a sense of restraint is not one of them. Only tasting menus are served here, although you can limit yourself to just four courses by going for lunch on a weekday. Otherwise the choices are 5, 7, or 10 courses. Chef Jordi Artal is keen to appeal to all five senses, so the orchestration of the meal will include sight, smell, touch, and sound, as well as taste. Like most Michelin-starred chefs, Artal adores serving foie gras and must have a dozen different ways to prepare it. During the summer cherry season, for example, he barely sears the foie so it comes out rich and creamy on top of a crisp pastry base that makes a perfect foil. The pastry has bits of tart cherry worked into it, along with enough butter that the bottom caramelizes in the oven. The idea is to eat foie and crust together for the custardlike meat against the crisp, slightly sour crust—all of it finishing with a complex salty flavor.