This soaring adjunct to the Mercat Santa Caterina is one of the classiest eating halls in Barcelona. A simple tapas bar stands at the entrance, but the main action is in the dining room, where chunky wooden tables are surrounded on two sides by open kitchens. That’s right, “kitchens” in the plural. Order paella and it comes from the Spanish kitchen; order fried rice and it comes from the Asian kitchen. The restaurant prides itself on total integration with the market, and many dishes are suitable for vegetarians, if not always for vegans. Light vegetable tempuras are offered, as are vegetable sushi rolls and excellent sashimi cut to order. Spanish and Catalan market food—roast duck, monkfish, and clams with romesco sauce—is just as plentiful and just as good. You can eat at the bar all day starting at 9am. You can’t make reservations, so show up early or be ready to wait.