Espai Sucre (Sugar Space) is Barcelona's most unusual dining room, with minimalist decor and seating for 30. The menu is entirely devoted to desserts. There is a shortlist of so-called salty dishes, like ginger couscous with pumpkin and grilled stingray, or artichoke cream with a poached quail egg and Serrano ham. A "salad" might contain small cubes of spicy milk pudding resting on apple matchsticks with baby arugula (rocket) leaves, peppery caramel, dabs of kafir lime and lemon curd, and a straight line of toffee. There are constant surprises. Ever had a soup of li chi, celery, apple, and eucalyptus? Try it here! If some of these concoctions frighten your palate, you'll find comfort in the more familiar -- vanilla cream with coffee sorbet and caramelized banana. Every dessert comes with a recommendation for the appropriate wine to accompany it.