Tucked into an out-of-the-way corner of El Born, Mercat Princess is a welcoming space where 16 small vendors offer great food at bargain prices. The building dates from the 14th century, and its central courtyard has been glassed over to create the main dining space. Just 16 seats ring the area, though plans are afoot to expand into the basement for another 40. The Bravas Mercat stall sells fried potatoes with eight sauce variants (bravas, aioli, wasabi, and so forth). A Nespresso coffee bar prepares coffee, hot chocolate and churros. An oyster bar also cooks mussels and prawns. The charcuterie specialist serves plates of cheese or plates of Iberian ham. Right next to him a sushi chef prepares sashimi to order. A noodle bar has everything from Vietnamese soups to Catalan fideùs—a paella made with noodles. One bar just does different rice dishes. Pepe Fritz specializes in deep-fried Andalucían fish dishes. The Vins & Cocktails stall sells beer and wine. There's even a pastry and ice cream case if you find room for dessert.