Given its consistently well-prepared cuisine and overall class, this uptown restaurant mysteriously tends to fall under the radar. Not that this worries the management, who cater to regulars and visiting sports stars. The restaurant has a reputation for serving the finest caza (game) and fungi around, when in season. Look out for rovellons and ceps, both wild mushrooms from the Catalan forests, cooked to perfection in olive oil and rock salt. Other treats include liebre (hare) stuffed with foie gras and served on baked apples, and patito (baby duck), slow roasted and deboned at your table. The wine list is daunting as the cellar boasts over 10,000 bottles, so ask the sommelier for advice. Finish off with a cheese platter or heady dessert combination such as chocolate mousse spiced with mixed peppers and cinnamon ice cream.