You can’t miss this weird-looking television tower built by the Communists back in 1968 because it’s the tallest structure in Europe (368m/1,208 ft.) and visible from almost everywhere in Berlin. Berliners call it “the speared onion” because of its shape, or the “Pope’s Revenge” because what looks like a cross appears on the silvery surface when light is reflected in a certain way. With its metallic glint and revolving silver sphere, it’s definitely got a presence, and it’s a great choice for a view of Berlin by day or night. An elevator zooms you up to the viewing platform in 40 seconds as the elevator operator rattles off facts and figures. At the top there’s a sweeping view over the city extending some 40km (25 miles) on a clear day. The sphere has “the world’s highest bar,” where you can order an expensive beer, and there’s a restaurant even higher up. The lines to get in can be long and slow, so arrive early or later in the afternoon if you’re in a hurry.