25km (16 miles) S of Hameln, 34km (21 miles) N of Höxter, 70km (43 miles) S of Hannover

This is the hometown of Lügenbaron (the lying baron) von Münchhausen (1720-97). This spinner of tall tales was the biggest liar in the history of Germany -- unless you want to get political and include Hitler in that competition.

The Münchhausen name has gone down in literary history. His narrative about his travels and campaigns in Russia increased his renown and was translated into many languages. The actual author was Rudolph Erich Raspe, who became acquainted with Von Münchhausen upon his retirement in 1760 from Russian service against the Turks. The baron was widely known for his exploits, including a claim that he rode a cannonball toward the enemy stronghold. Reconsidering as he neared his target, he jumped onto a cannonball shot by the enemy and rode it safely back to his troops.

From May to October during the first Sunday of every month, the Münchhausenplay is performed in front of the Rathaus. Locals reenact scenes from Münchhausen's colorful, if distorted, life.