Whether you choose the more formal and private mezzanine floor or the relaxed courtyard dining area (my pick), you’re sure to enjoy this Spanish-flavored restaurant. Owner-chef Javier Codina has combined his Catalan, French, and Italian influences with fresh (often organic) Queensland produce to produce some marvelous dishes. The menu changes often, but you might find something like wild hare pie with purple potatoes, persimmon, and five-spice sauce, or a simple angel-hair pasta with seafood and aioli. If you’re there for Friday lunch (or order ahead), you can sample Javier’s paella. It’s expensive (A$35), but wonderful. Be warned: So is the wine list. A good choice are the share plates for two or four, for A$46 or A$78, or Javier’s three-course “table experience” for A$85 per person.