Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, Camagüey's favorite son and the national hero of the independence struggle -- known to all as "El Mayor" -- was born December 23, 1841, in this pale yellow 18th-century house. Agramonte's birthplace displays classical colonial elements, both baroque and Hispanic-mudéjar (Hispanic-Moorish). The house, now a national monument, may interest those with a thirst for Cuban history; others may simply be interested in viewing the lovely carved wooden ceilings upstairs and smattering of period furnishings (only some are original to the house) of an authentic colonial house. A number of artifacts aim to reveal Agramonte's boyhood life here and his later achievements, with documents including love letters to Amalia Simoni (who would later become his bride), photographs, newspaper accounts of battles, and Agramonte's pistol.