The Rat Pack feel to this restaurant’s name says everything about its old-school credentials. Nick’s is quite famous in this part of Ireland—it’s been here since 1978—and although you won’t find cutting-edge modern cuisine here, it still deserves its reputation as one of the better places to eat along the Ring of Kerry. Choose from two dining areas: the formal restaurant or the “Gastro Bar,” where a simpler (and less-expensive) selection is served in more relaxed surroundings. In the main restaurant, dine on catches of the day (naturally), grilled sole, a monkfish and prawn thermidor, or a classic seafood platter. You can also order grilled steaks and lamb. The bar menu offers simpler but nonetheless classy options: Thai beef and asparagus salad; beef, lamb, or pulled-pork burgers; or perhaps a steaming bowl of creamy seafood Mornay. Everything is served to the gentle melodies of live piano accompaniment. The same as it ever was.