Known for rolling green fields, vibrant little towns, and craggy ocean vistas, County Kerry is one of those places visitors to Ireland always have at the top of their lists. Charming villages like colorful Kenmare and bustling historic towns like Killarney make perfect stops on any Irish tour. Its peaceful green valleys are just what you hope for when you come to Ireland. Unfortunately, this cuts both ways: With massive popularity come massive crowds. The height of summer is incredibly busy here—if it’s peace you want, ideally, you should hit these hills in the late spring or fall. But there’s an antidote for even the busiest times: Should you find that the tour bus traffic on the Ring of Kerry is getting to you, simply turn off onto a small country lane, and within seconds you’ll find yourself virtually alone in the peaceful Irish countryside.

Of course, not everybody minds the inevitable clutter and cacophony of the tourism industry. Those who enjoy the conviviality of the international crowds can stay on the main roads and soak up all the hubbub. Only you can decide which Ireland you want to experience.