The liberal scattering of handsome old antiques around this 18th-century house tells you something about its storied past. Ask your host, George, to fill you in—it has enough history to fill a small book. The elegant guestrooms are decorated with tantalizing elements of that history in mind, and it feels like there’s a new story to be told around each corner. One room has a large bell outside the window that was used to signal the start and end of the day for the gardeners who once worked the grounds; another has antique French furnishings, to reflect a connection between the house and Princess Letizia Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon. The 2 hectares (5 acres) of gardens are peaceful, with lovely views across the river to Waterford. They’re quite famed locally; George and his wife, Antoinette, even run tours for non-residents. Check the website for some excellent off-season deals, including almost half-price room rates.