Netto is one of only two bars that sell the island's home-grown green rum (ròm bèrdè). The other is in the town of Santa Rosa, just to the east of Willemstad: Café Santa Rosa, which opened in 1945 and, by its own reckoning at least, is the oldest bar on island. Netto is another old-timer, in the business of pushing hooch since 1954. Netto is located in a blessedly ungentrified section of Willemstad's Otrabanda; it's a friendly, casual dive with a local feel. Ceilings hang with World Cup T-shirts, neon, and license plates, and walls are plastered with paintings of Willemstad's colonial buildings and photos of sports teams and Dutch royals on their wedding day. Ask for your green rum neat, in one of Netto's little shot glasses (although some prefer it with coconut water).