11km (6 3/4 miles) NW of Luso; 26km (16 miles) NW of Buçaco; 229km (142 miles) N of Lisbon; 19km (12 miles) N of Coimbra

Cúria, in the foothills of the Serra de Estrela, forms a well-known tourist triangle with Luso and Buçaco. Its spa has long been a draw for people seeking the curative properties of the medicinal waters, which are slightly saline and contain calcium sulfates and sodium and magnesium bicarbonates. In addition, the town has tennis courts, swimming pools, roller-skating rinks, a lake for boating, cinemas, and teahouses. The season for taking the waters is April to October; June sees the beginning of the largest influx.

Because it's in the Bairrada winegrowing district, Cúria offers some of the finest wines of the region. It's also the home to famous local cuisine, including roast suckling pig, roast kid, and sweets.