The story of Fungie the Dingle Dolphin is strange and heartwarming. The bottlenose dolphin was first spotted by Dingle’s lighthouse keeper in 1983, as it escorted fishing boats out to sea and then back again at the end of their voyages day after day. The sailors named him, and he became a harbor fixture. Fishermen took their children out to swim with him, and he seemed to love human contact. Now people come from miles around to have a few minutes’ time with Fungie, and the fishermen ferry them out to meet him. Trips last about 60 minutes and depart roughly every two hours in low season and as often as every half-hour in high season. Fungie swims right up to the boats that stay out long enough to afford views of the picturesque bay. You pay at the end, and no charge if he doesn’t show. However, while the little fella is still packing the crowds in at the time of writing, nobody quite knows how old Fungie is. So before you get the little ones too excited you might want to call ahead . . . discreetly.