Walt Disney Studios is now the go-to park for Marvel fans, thanks to the spanking new Marvel Avengers Campus, replete with Iron Man and Spiderman-themed attractions, and an after-dark drone light show. Split into four worlds—Pixar, Marvel, Toon Studio and Production Courtyard—the Studios Park is also the place for films and parades and yet more musical shows. Fun rides here include Avengers Flight Force, a 91km/hr (57 mph) ride where you whoosh off into the black of space to help Iron Man and Captain Marvel fight an intergalactic threat. And Crush’s Coaster, which plunges you into the world of Finding Nemo. Smaller visitors can try the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop or the Cars ROAD TRIP ride, where they can speed along Route 66 on the lookout for popular characters like Mater and Lightning McQueen.