212km (132 miles) NE of Cagliari; 116km (72 miles) S of Olbia

Most visitors to Sardinia confine their sightseeing to the coastline. But for those who want to see more of local life and are intrigued by island handicrafts, a dip into the interior is a rewarding jaunt.

Dorgali is our preferred choice for the quintessential Sardinian town. While you could reach it in a day's drive from the resorts along Costa Smeralda , your visit would be rushed. We recommend an overnight stopover to give you a chance to go shopping and to explore the natural wonders outside the town, including Nuragi ruins.

These ruins of a prehistoric civilization found in this dolomite landscape have long fascinated archaeologists. The Nuragic people had a flourishing civilization here between 5000 and 1800 B.C. We know little about them, except for except for the 7,000 megalithic towers and ruins they left behind.

Save some time for Dorgali itself, at least to go on shopping expeditions for such crafts as leatherwork and filigree. Some patterns are based on prehistoric Nuragic art. The town is also known for its regional wine and folkloric costumes. Located on the slopes of Monte Bardia, Dorgali was a Saracen colony. Many Sardinians living here still make their living from agriculture.