One of the premier wildernesses of Europe, this is a region to visit if you love the great outdoors. From its Olympic ski conditions on snow-capped mountains to the glaciers in its national parks, expect high-adrenaline thrills in both winter and summer. Visitors arrive at the likes of Jotunheimen National Park specifically seeking a close encounter with nature.

When touring the area, you might even meet up with the rare musk ox. But keep your distance and admire him from afar. If threatened, the shaggy creature can charge at the rate of 60kmph (37 mph).

This section will guide you through some of Norway's highest mountain peaks, which are a hiker's paradise in summer and a ski mecca in winter. In addition to its many resorts and enchanting wooden villages, this section of Norway is filled with hidden gems such as the town of Røros, a former copper-mining site that is now preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lying to the east of the western fjord district, eastern central Norway is the virtual playground of Scandinavia, embracing the greatest national parks, the fabled ski resort at Lillehammer, and some of the nation's most panoramic scenery. At times it may seem remote and distant, but much of it is within an easy 1- or 2-hour drive to the immediate south of Oslo.