Pay attention to the second word in this place's name: If you like isolation and eccentricity, you'll be in heaven. If on the other hand you like to be in the thick of things, you'll hate Pardini's. A glance at the rather extraordinary lineup of "amenities" below -- donkey rides? Check -- gives you an idea of the kind of atmosphere you'll find at this beloved oddball inn, in the woods above the sea. The structure itself is a 1950s villa set high above a rocky, forested cove only accessible by sea or mule trail. (They'll send a motorboat to pick you up from the ferry terminal at Porto. Once you've landed, a donkey spirits you up a long stepped path to the villa, while your bags arrive via motorized pulley.) Guest rooms are wonderfully cozy though not very large, but Pardini's extensive grounds are especially well endowed when it comes to places to relax and enjoy solitude and nature. Or not -- the place offers activities galore, and they even have their own farm, which produces olive oil, flour, vegetables, and goat's milk (in the form of cheese and yogurt), all of which are served in the estate's restaurant.