913km (567 miles) S of Paris; 6km (4 miles) E of Cannes

Napoleon and 800 men landed at Golfe-Juan in 1815 to begin his march to Paris and famous Hundred Days in power; the pint-sized general meet his Waterloo against the combined forces of Britain and Continental Europe a few months later. Today it’s a family resort known for its beaches and a once noteworthy restaurant, Chez Tétou. Until French authorities closed the eatery in 2018 for beach infringements, it attracted every Cannes Film Festival attendee from Steven Spielberg to Angelina Jolie – although the owners recently applied to rebuild the restaurant in a plot across the street.  

The 2km-long (1.25-mile) RN135 leads inland from Golfe-Juan to Vallauris. Once simply a stopover along the Riviera, Vallauris’s ceramics industry was in terminal decline until it was “discovered” by Picasso just after World War II. The artist’s legacy lives on both in snapshots of the master in local galleries and in his awesome La Paix et La Guerre fresco.