Poet/dramatist Federico García Lorca, author of Blood Wedding, The House of Bernarda Alba, and A Poet in New York, spent many happy summers with his family here at their vacation home. He moved to Granada in 1909, a dreamy-eyed schoolboy, and was endlessly fascinated with its life, including the Alhambra and the Gypsies, whom he later described compassionately in his Gypsy Ballads. The house is decorated with green trim and grillwork and filled with family memorabilia like furniture and portraits. You can look out at the Alhambra from one of its balconies. You may inspect the poet's upstairs bedroom and see his oak desk stained with ink. Look for the white stool that he carried to the terrace to watch the sun set over Granada. The house is in the Fuentevaqueros section of Granada, near the airport.