Ever since Nuevo Latino cooking pioneer Alfredo Ayala took over, this has been one of the finest restaurants in Puerto Rico. Ayala drove the gourmet nueva criolla cuisine movement in the 1980s and 1990s with San Juan restaurants like Ali-Oli and Chayote, after training under Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin in New York. These days he is blissfully dishing out more subdued hallelujahs to the glories of island cuisine from this beautiful corner of the Puerto Rico. Guests are served right-out-of-the-ocean fresh seafood, and dishes based on locally grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Seafood linguine, in a tomato saffron sauce, and a mahi-mahi with local herbs and vegetables are world class. We also recommend conch carpaccio in a fennel arugula salad with mango and avocado, and sweet onion in a balsamic and lemon vinaigrette. There are changing vegetarian specials, a delicious crabmeat and pumpkin risotto, and Caribbean seafood paella. The dining room looks out over the pool area and coastline. Reservations recommended.