15km (9 miles) N of Tel Aviv

Herzlia is one of Israel's most famous beach resorts. It was founded in 1924 as an agricultural center, but has changed dramatically with the unexpected growth of Tel Aviv. As that large Israeli metropolis grew northward, the beaches of Herzlia suddenly became much more accessible and desirable.

Today, when you're talking about Herzlia, you're talking about luxury. The waterfront area is studded with fine hotels and some of the country's most expensive villas; very good restaurants abound (mostly inland, in a bleak industrial zone). A disproportionate number of foreign diplomats and business people reside in Herzlia; their neighbors are airline captains and other high-income earners. Swimming here is better than in Tel Aviv, and many Tel Avivians and visitors come up for a day of beachcombing beside the often clearer waters, as well as a pleasant meal.