Buncrana: 113km (70 miles) NE of Donegal Airport, 84km (52 miles) NE of Donegal Town, 19km (12 miles) NW of Derry, 145km (90 miles) NE of Sligo, 359km (223 miles) NE of Shannon, 259km (161 miles) NW of Dublin

Driving around the northernmost point of Ireland is worth doing just so you can say you did. You stood on Malin Head and felt the icy mist come in on a wind that hit you like a fist. You have felt the satisfaction that comes from knowing there is no farther to go.

There is, however, more to this land than that. Around the edges are ancient sites, beautiful beaches, and charming villages. At its center are gorgeous views, mountains, and quiet, vivid green pastures. If you are looking to get lost, this is a great place to do it—although (perhaps paradoxically, given its decided dearth of traffic) the Inishowen Peninsula circuit is very well signposted, with all directions clearly printed in English and Irish, miles and kilometers.