On this stunning promontory, the road goes no further, and the next stop west is New York. Even on a sunny day, the wind often howls and the temperature can be 10 degrees colder than it is just a few miles south. To reach Malin Head, take R242 north until it turns into a small, unnamed road. Following the few signs, meander past a small cluster of houses until you reach rocky Banba’s Crown (Fíorcheann Éireann), the farthest point of the headland. Winds permitting, you can even wander down to the edge of the land and catch a glimpse of some old concrete huts built in World War II as lookout points. To the west of them is the dramatically named Hell’s Hole, a natural land formation where waves crash deafeningly against the craggy shore. To the east, a path leads to a hermit’s cave known as the Wee House of Malin. There’s a little information board that explains all this—but you may be too busy gazing at the incredible view to notice.