10km (6 1/4 miles) E of Boca Chica, 50km (31 miles) E of Santo Domingo

Unlike Boca Chica , Juan Dolio is more of a sprawling strip of tourist development along the beach opening onto the Caribbean Sea. Except for a few fishing huts, the development didn't exist until the 1980s, when builders eyed the great beaches here and moved east from Boca Chica. Today these resorts, mainly all-inclusives along with other developments, stretch out for some 5km (3 miles). The competition from the emerging resorts of Punta Cana and Playa Dorada has dealt a severe blow to Juan Dolio, yet it struggles on -- at least the better-financed businesses do.

Be careful in your selection of a hotel as, chances are, you will spend much of your time at the resort and along its beachfront. In lieu of the meager attractions of Juan Dolio itself, the resort of your choice becomes much more important than it would be in a more developed resort with more diversity.

Hwy. 3 runs along the northern tier of Juan Dolio coming in from Santo Domingo to the west. Most of the development lies south of this highway, fronting the Caribbean. Two minor roads lie south of Hwy. 3, Carretera Vieja (old highway) and Carretera Local (local highway). These are more lanes than roads and filled with milling throngs of beachgoers and souvenirs hawkers.