If visiting Paris, France is at the top of your bucket list—the Vegas version won’t let you cross it off, but it will give you a snapshot of what you’ll encounter in the real deal. The Eiffel Tower in front is half the size of the original, but is exact in detail, right down to the number of rivets that hold it all together and the glass elevator that takes you to the top observation deck.

Inside, you’re transported to Vegas’ idea of the City of Light, with the legs of the Eiffel Tower coming through the ceiling—painted with clouds—to give you the illusion that you are directly under it. The rooms, while larger than most standard accommodations, look only vaguely inspired by the French countryside. There are a few Empire-style furnishings, but they’re not fooling anyone. To get the full experience, make sure you specify that you’d like a view of the Eiffel Tower if you opt for one of the Burgundy Rooms. Or buck up to stay in one of the Red Rooms, which are sexier than standard rooms and plenty of rouge accents to remind you of the Moulin. Considering you’re basically center-Strip, you won’t mind that the rooms aren’t that fancy for the price.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is still voted one of the most romantic spots in town. A meal at Gordon Ramsay Steak will set you back a bit, but is the best of his three restaurants on the Strip; make a reservation as soon as you can. French bistro Mon Ami Gabi seats you right in the front terrace of the hotel, offering some of the best people watching and a killer view of the Bellagio Fountains, but there’s better French food to be had in town.

Nightclub Chateau’s rooftop perch makes it one of the few clubs in town that lets you hang outdoors while celebrity hosts have parties indoors. Or if the club isn’t your thing, there’s always pre- or post-game at Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos for fun, live music, and cocktails.