Although it may lack the other islands' more obvious natural attractions and tourist infrastructure, tiny Levanzo is well worth a visit, and its proximity and frequent connections to Favignana make a day trip ideal.

At only 6 sq. km (2 1/3 sq. miles), Levanzo (Leh-van-zo) is the smallest of the Egadis, with a jagged coastline of some rather forbidding cliffs. The adorable village of Cala Dogana ("Customs Cove") is at the southern end of the island and measures less than 500m (1,640 ft.) end to end. Yet there are good dining options and homey accommodations, a few bars and bakeries, and no shortage of escursioni offered by colorful boats moored in the harbor.

There are no cars on Levanzo, besides a few Jeeps that take tourists to the Grotta del Genovese, and the resulting peace and quiet is extraordinary.