This is the largest museum in Europe for Limoges porcelain, and the largest in in the world on global ceramic history. It has 18,000 pieces, 5,000 of which are on display, which illustrate the history of glassmaking and ceramics (porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, and terra cotta) throughout the ages, starting with Ancient History and moving toward the present. In France, its porcelain collection is second in quantity only to that of Sèvres. It has recently undergone a 15€ million renovation project, that created a new modern building of glass, metal, and porcelain, alongside the traditional 19th-century space, tripling the previous exhibition area to 7,200 sq. m (77,500 sq. ft.). For English speaking visitors, the museum offers iPads with exhibit explanations in English (free). In 2018, they will also launch an app for personal download. The museum expanded shop now sells souvenirs, books, and some porcelain jewelry. The website details a range of temporary exhibitions and events.